About me

I am an artist and furniture artist, I hand paint and upcycle plain and dated furniture to improve on it and make it loved again. I am passionate about reuse and recycling and if I can reuse existing items I do. Ayr Brushed has been trading for almost 8 years now, however I’ve been painting since the 1980’s. It’s a passion, it’s very addictive and I love my work.

I like to add a twist to a painted piece by using different fabrics, patterned paper or a hand painted scene, giving it warmth and character, or by trying out a new technique. I hope some of my projects will be inspirational.  

I’ve completed a 6-week Masterclass under the instruction of world renowned Jonathon Marc Mendes via the Painted Love Academy Tutorials and have learned some really great paint techniques including faux rust, marble & stone, faded grandeur, faux leather and a few more.