Two Fussy Blokes

I was delighted to have the chance to try these Two Fussy Blokes rollers https://twofussyblokes.com courtesy of the lovely Kristen at Upcycle My Stuff, I’ve heard great things about them and had to see for myself.
I used Fusion Mineral Paint, Seaside, my fave, and poured some into my paint tray and loaded up the roller.
There were no bubbles or noticeable lines which is what usually happens if I roller, then I normally have to lay off with a brush to smooth it out. I didn’t need to do that and the second coat went on even smoother. I normally brush, all my projects are brushed with only a few attempts at using a roller but I may do it more often now. Top marks 👍

First impression is that they come in non-fussy packaging which is GREAT news, no plastic and completely recycleable.  There are two grades – smooth and semi-smooth. As my piece was sizeable I chose the slightly larger smooth option. 

I decided to test them out on the top, sides & plinth of this pre-sanded cabinet I just got in, I knew it would be in my favourite colour, Seaside by Fusion Mineral Paint but was unsure what to do with the front at this stage.

First coat went on really smooth, I’m quite messy with rollers so I got some down the sides of the cabinet whilst rollering the top but the sides were being done anyway.  It’s at this point I thought I’d recorded the whole process but I hadn’t (I’d pressed photo in error) haha!

The dent in the roller was due to the bottom plinth but it fluffed out again when washed !

Just look at that finish after 2 coats !! Its as though it’d been sprayed, so smooth and even, no roller marks or runs and I didn’t have to lay off the paint at all.

I brushed on the remaining paint, into the detailing and around the door panels which would be too fiddly with a roller. Deciding that it needed some ‘colour’, I hand painted the front panels in acrylics with a scene of a starry sunset over dark silhouetted mountains. I think the orange and pink really jump out of this piece against the gorgeous Seaside blue. I love it so much I may keep it to store my fabrics in the workshop.

Due to the time saved in rollering the top and sides I was able to complete this entire piece in a day. Thanks to “Two Fussy Blokes”.