Painting Glass

I’d been having a rummage in a charity shop, as you do, when I spotted the most unusual glass fruit bowl, it had dolphin handles and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I wondered šŸ¤” if it could be painted.

I bought it and rushed home with it, keen to get started and remembered that you can paint ANYTHING with Fusion Mineral Paint. They have a great product called Ultragrip, it acts like a bond between a slick shiny surface and the paint. Almost like a glue.

I washed the bowl, added a layer of Ultragrip and put it aside overnight to dry.

It occurred to me that if I only paint the outside of the bowl it leaves the inside glass perfectly washable, scrubbable even!

On went the first layer, the colour which goes on first is what shows through to the inside. GOLD. I only had a small amount of Frenchic gold powder but it was enough for 2 good coats to the bowl.

When fully dry, I used Fusions Coal Black over the entire outside. 2 coats.

I left that to dry overnight and finished by highlighting all that gorgeous detailing with Gold Rub n Buff. Just a little on the tip of my finger, picking up all the raised areas of the cut glass.

It was completely transformed. I think it’s stunning. I’m still on the lookout for another great piece but today I did a smaller, more feminine, glass rose basket in Fusion Cranberry, with gold highlights and rose gold on the base colour.

If you’ve old glassware you just don’t love any more, follow the steps above for a completely new individual look.

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