10-minute Crafted Picture

You could make this seaside picture in just ten minutes. It could be any subject you like, it just so happens that I’m Seaside mad!

I bought a cheap frame for £1 !! It had a string for you to hang your own little photos or mementos on so it has no glass, it’s lightweight and best of all, it’s cheap and usable for just about any print.

Take or cut out the string and remove the little cards, these were on small pegs, and discard, you’re then left with your blank frame, ready to use.

Find an image which suits the frame shape and size, I used part of a paper napkin from Sainsburys supermarket. Measure the size and cut out the shape with knife or scissors.

If it’s a napkin you’ll have to separate the layers, most are 3-ply. You only want to keep the top single ply with the image on it. It’s very thin so handle with care so as it doesn’t tear.

You’ll need PVA glue, or decoupage medium, a brush and some cling wrap.

Brush a thin even coat of glue onto the inside of the frame then place your image carefully, centrally onto the glue and cover the image with cling wrap so you can smooth it out. Once it touches the glue it becomes even more fragile and if you touch it with your fingers it will literally disintegrate. using your finger tip gently smooth out wrinkles and air bubbles before lifting off the cling wrap. The wrap won’t stick to the image. There you have it. A personalised picture just for you. Once the glue is completely dry you can clear varnish the image for protection.

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