Hand Painted in Ayrshire

Sometimes you just have to push the boat out (pardon the pun) and paint with your heart.  This set of drawers has been as much fun as it is huge!  It’s really liberating to just let the paint flow where it wants to go and I’d not done much blending before, this was the largest blank canvas I had.

I moved to the seaside 6 years ago, to Ayr on Scotland’s west coast. I’m new here, I still feel like I’m on holiday and I feel so lucky, it inspires me every day with its ever changing scenery. The weather may not be the best but the views are stunning, whether from Ayr, Prestwick, Troon or further up the coast to Ardrossan or Largs you’ll always get a stunning view across the sea to the Isle of Arran.

It’s been an inspiration for a few of my hand painted scenes. The sunsets can be so vivid and colourful and you just can’t capture it all in a photograph, or in paint, if I could paint like true artist I’d maybe have a better chance but I do my own little version of what I see.

My other love here in the West is what happens in the sky.

As a nice day breaks and wakens up you’re clothed in shades of red, orange, hues of purple and coral pink and I often pull off the road to try to capture it on my phone for later.

And even on a dull wet ‘dreich’ day the scene still blows you away with choppy waves and rays of light peeking through the clouds with the land almost blackened out against the sea …

So I will always be inspired by the seaside, the colours of the sky, the bare limbed winter trees, they all have their beauty which I strive to capture and translate with paint.

I hope you follow me along on my journey as I grow my ability in the art.


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  • Janey

    Alison you are an inspiration!
    You put in to words, and art, all the feelings and emotions that are evoked by living on the West Coast. We are blessed with beautiful scenery and coastline, and also with a constantly changing weather system which adds to the beauty. Keep up the blogs, you have a gift. XJX

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