Life Saver

If ever there was a case for painting, this was it !

This beautiful table had long since past it’s best, but it had good bones. It’s structure was sound, it had legs in the style of Duncan Phyfe and had beautiful lyre sides. These tables don’t come up for grabs every day.

All of it’s top leatherette surface had gone and it had a missing handle from the rear faux drawer but I loved it and wanted to save its life.

After cleaning and sanding I painted it in a charcoal grey, I bought new pale grey leatherette and sourced a matching old handle.

I then Stencilled a silver border around all the leatherette, just as it would’ve had originally. I also added a silver stencil to the drawers.

Its lovely claw feet had a coat of black and it was ready to see out another decade at least. This was an early favourite of mine.

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