To paint or not to paint …

…that is the question.

Welcome to my very first blog. Most surprisingly, it’s not really about paint. Now I love to paint damaged furniture which for the most part has lost its way, or is generally just unappealing and when I was asked recently to go view some pieces for painting I surprised myself. “I hope those aren’t the pieces you’d like painted” escaped my lips. Two beauties handed down by a grandmother, a drinks cabinet and a Sideboard. They were just gorgeous in a slightly worn old mahogany finish.

I could tell they’d been loved over the years, they were well made, and had seen plenty of use. They were worn on the front edges and moreso along their top surface. I thought these could maybe be restored rather than painted, but with a modern touch.

Then I spotted the matching coffee table and an idea was formed. “I’ll practice on the table first” !

I had the table delivered and assessed what it needed, the top layer of varnish was badly damaged and flaking but I wasn’t sure what I’d find beneath … but it was beautiful.

Once sanded back all the damage had gone, it was purely cosmetic. Just look at this lovely grain (this is at half way stage on the sanding, the surface is wet).

I’d watched a video by Julie McDowell where she had used a stencil under wood stain to give a look of inlay.

Once sanded I added a mandala stencil. This was painted in white so as to show from under the stain which would be added back on.

Once the paint was properly dry, 2 coats of Mahogany wood stain were added, this took it back up to the original colour and toned down the white so as to appear like it was an inlay.

Now it’s ready to be varnished for protection, and loved for many more years to come and it still matches the other old pieces in the room.

A set of complimentary matching coasters should help keep the cup rings off 😊


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